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This opportunity….


This is the kind of opportunity that comes along, well not very often.  To be able to write from the female perspective.  I jumped at it.

Maya Angelou said- “Of course I’m a feminist.  I’ve been a woman my whole life.  I’d be crazy not to have my own back!”  This resonates with me.  It actually sums me up perfectly!

 My name is Leanne Pittman and by the time you read this, I will be 42 years old.  My life is the epidemy of polar opposites.  When it’s good, it’s so good… When it’s bad, it goes so horribly wrong…. MY FRIENDS LINE UP TO HEAR THE STORY.  I’m not married, never have been and no children.  For the most part, life is good.

I love men.  I also love the idea of equality.  People are people, right?  That’s what we are told and what we tell our children.  I’ll never forget the day I realized how far off base this was.

I have never wanted children.  I love them.  I have never had a desire to have any of my own.  When I was little my dolls were dolls.  None of them had names because they were plastic.  When other kids were playing house, my friends I pretended to be the characters from “Three’s Company.”  I was always Janet because of the dark hair!

As I grew older nothing changed. At the age of 20 I decided to be proactive about my birth control and tried to get my tubes tied.  I should have that right.  My body, my life?  My Dr. said no as I would probably regret is.  I left confused and disappointed.  At 23 I tried again, unsuccessfully.  25, same thing, 27 same deal.  

It was this year I wasn’t taking no for an answer.  I remember visiting 4 doctors.  4 nos.  Each time I asked why I was told I would regret it when I met my future husband.  I can’t believe how disturbed this made me.  I saw Dr #5.  He asked why I wanted the operation.  He was the first one to ask that question.  I explained I had never had even a tingle of wanting a child.  He smiled warmly and said “When you meet…” I quickly interrupted him and said “My future husband? Are you serious?  My future husband is probably gonna come with 5 kids from 3 women!  Why would I need to add to that?”  With that I left MAD!

Dr. 6-8 gave me more of the same answer. The ninth laughed at me. I gave up for a while and then went to Dr. #10.  We went through all the questions and much to my delight, he gave me a referral.  I wanted to kiss him! 

Put what I’m saying into perspective. 7 years and about 30 doctors said no.  What they were actually saying is I didn’t know my body, my brains and my emotions well enough to make that decision.  What else were all these people saying?  I believe they were saying that at some point I wouldn’t feel like a whole woman unless I had a child.  They were also indicating that I didn’t own my reproductive system.  My uterus belonged to someone I hadn’t met yet?  HUH?  Does that even make sense?

My surgery was done just shy of 28.   At 42, it’s a decision I’ve never regretted.  What angers me is my friends are still having trouble getting a referral for tubal ligation.  Men don’t have the same problem getting a vasectomy.  Why is that? 

We need this platform because I fought for 7 years to have the right to choose what’s best for me.  I am not less of a woman, I’m a responsible human.  It was this struggle that opened my eyes to the inequality between men and women.

As I said- I love men. My feminism has very little to do with men and EVERYTHING to do with my rights.



Leanne Pittman is a Personal Trainer & NPC Figure Competitor. A dog lover, she has rescued 6 to date(The bigger the better!) Leanne adopts seniors... or they kinda adopt her. When she's not working or working out, you'll find her eating. Leanne is currently training to do her first photoshoot of 2018 in January and competition in March. Family is a must. "If we're friends we're Family!" Leanne currently has only 1 dog, Jackson, who is bilingual and tends to ignore her in both French & English! Leanne hopes to inform and entertain!

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